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Во время открытия All Portugal Space произойдет запуск Развивающего центра для детей, который даст возможность подрастающему поколению учиться новому в привычном формате, интегрироваться в португальское общество, сохраняя собственную культуру. 
Во время открытия дети смогут посетить мастер-классы от зарекомендовавших себя образовательных проектов Лиссабона. Записать ребенка можно сразу на несколько занятий. В описании билетов указан предполагаемый возраст участников и продолжительность. В стоимость билетов входит легкий перекус и напитки.
The programme of classes is from 12.00 to 19.00.


Electronic Piano Masterclass

Immerse yourself in the world of sounds and electronics!

Children will build their own musical synthesiser using a breadboard. Step by step, they will learn the basics of circuitry and electronics while immersing themselves in the exciting assembly process. With simple components, they will feel like real musical engineers.

There are 8 participants in the group
14-15.00. Children's room 1.
15-16.00. Children's room 2.
16-17.00. Children's room 2.
17-18.00. Children's room 2.
18-19.00. Children's room 2.
Ticket price: 7 Euro

Magic lavka Portugal

Masterclass on magic tricks and entertaining experiments for children

Children will learn how to perform tricks with the help of improvised materials: napkins, coffee cups, ice-cream sticks and just using their hands. Tricks that children can do themselves and take away with them.

There are 10 participants in the group
12-13.00. Children's room 1.
13-14.00. Children's room 2.
14-15.00. Children's room 2.
Ticket price: 15 Euro

Curious carrots

Lego animation masterclass

Children will be able to invent and animate their own stories. Create a Lego mini-world and put their creative ideas into action. Animation helps to develop children's creativity and imagination, as well as patience and planning skills.

There are 6 participants in the group
15-16.00. Children's room 3.
Ticket price: 20 Euro


Wood crafts

Children will be able to learn woodworking skills in a safe and inspiring environment. Tools such as saws, rasps and files will be used. Young crafters will be able to give their crafts a unique look by decorating them in their own style. Each participant will be able to take their craft home as a gift and fulfilment of their creativity.

There are 4 participants in the group
12-14.00. Children's room 1.
15-17.00. Children's room 1.
17-19.00. Children's room 1.
Ticket price: 7 Euro

Curious carrots

Blogging Masterclass

Blogging is not only about being in the frame, but also about many other aspects. Participants will try themselves in different roles such as cameraman, editor, interviewer, scriptwriter, animator and sound engineer. During the masterclass, the children will have the important task of creating a video about the opening of the All Portugal space and coming up with animated screensavers for it. By this example, they will learn what it is like to be not just a blogger, but a real media manager.

There are 8 participants in the group
16-17.30. Children's room 3.
17.30-19.00. Children's room 3.
Ticket price: 25 Euro

Happiness ceramic

Ceramics Masterclass

Each participant will gain experience working with ceramics and feel like a real artist. Children will make their own bowls for ice cream or berries. They will design and colour the bowls to their taste.

There are 10 participants in the group
14-16.00. Kitchen
Ticket price: 40 Euro


Masterclass Pocket dictionary

Children will make a colourful book with illustrations and letters in English. The activity will help to attract children's attention to language learning.

There are 10 participants in the group
12-13.00. Children's room 2.

Age: 5-7 years

IMAGE 2024-05-10 15_25_47.jpg


Poetry workshop Poetry workshop

Each child will be able to write their own poem and design it creatively on a beautiful card.

There are 10 participants in the group
14-15.00. Children's room 2.
Ticket price: 15 Euro


Masterclass Emotional dictionary

Make a small dictionary book about emotions. Children will be able to better understand what they feel at any given moment, understand how to express it and share it with the world around them in English. This activity develops emotional intelligence.

There are 10 participants in the group
14-15.00. Children's room 2.
Ticket price: 15 Euro
IMAGE 2024-05-10 15_21_02.jpg
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